Tyler Vaske President of AAA RoofingWe are pleased to announce that Tyler Vaske has been promoted to the position of  President at AAA Roofing. Tyler has demonstrated exceptional leadership and  

dedication to AAA leading the Southern California branch to record growth and  performance in recent years. In addition to his time with AAA, Tyler has several  years’ experience with AW Farrell & Son Roofing in Ohio as an estimator, project  manager and in a branch leadership role of their Cleveland branch. We are  

confident that in this new role and working with a talented team, Tyler uses this  experience to continue to drive AAA to new heights. 

Reporting to Tyler will be a talented team of professionals, including Jimmy Apodaca (Northern  California Business Leader) Nick Smith (Boise Business Leader), Priscilla Arvizu (Marketing & Business  Development), Wendy Silva (Controller), Kendra Stutz (Human Resources), Hector Melgar (Safety), and  Patti Smith (Claims & Risk Management). This group brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the  table, and together, they will work towards achieving our strategic goals and objectives. 

Tyler will continue managing and leading the Southern California branch operation. The Riverside team,  known and respected by our customer base for their hard work and commitment, will continue to  report to Tyler for the foreseeable future. 

Please join all of us in congratulating Tyler on this well-deserved promotion and in wishing continued  success in his expanded role at AAA Roofing. 

Doug MacRae | Chief Operating Officer