Really friendly and knowledgable

commercial roofing reviews

“Our family owns a commercial building and after years of damage it needed re-roofing. We had been putting it off because of cost but it had to be done. I was recommended AAA roofing by a client of mine who had work done by them and after a meeting and consultation we were quite impressed. Gene was really friendly and knowledgeable and we finally were able to get something in our budget.

We are quite happy with our roofing. If you are looking for re-roofing or restoration for your commercial property, I recommend AAA roofing.”

by Mark L.

providing creative solutions

commercial roofing reviews

“I have utilized AAA Roofing over the past several years for large scale roof replacement projects. They provide a competitive price and schedule and adheres to them, communicating their progress throughout the project. Gene is actively involved in the projects to ensure the client’s expectations are met. Additionally, they are good at providing creative solutions to difficult or unexpected situations that may arise during the project. I recommend AAA Roofing.”

by Scott M.

top-class workmanship

commercial roofing reviews

“I manage over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate throughout Orange County/Inland Empire and have worked with Gene at AAA Roofing for three years now. AAA Roofing is always responsive, timely, and accurate with both maintenance services as well as one-time repair jobs. I have utilized AAA Roofing for yearly maintenance, complete re-roofing jobs, and various leak repair jobs over the last three years and have found their pricing to be competitive and the service friendly for each type of job they do. AAA Roofing has gone out and performed more job walks with me than I can count, but each time it is very clear to me that Gene and the rest of the crew are always looking for ways to help the customer save money. They are not the type of company you call out, they take one quick look at the roof, and send you a bid for a complete re-roof hoping to gain more business. Their bids are spot on with the assessment, and can help save money while maintaining top-class workmanship.

The roofing crews at AAA Roofing are also great with tenants, as sometimes vendor crews can be a bit rough around the edges. This is not the case with AAA Roofing, as their crews are always professional and offer explanations and details to any tenants with questions regarding the work being performed.

Further, AAA Roofing is a cut above the rest due to Gene being heavily involved in nearly all of the projects to ensure that each customer/client is taken care of, and in the best capacity possible. You can call AAA Roofing and get straight to a decision maker, rather than having to go through minutes of automated menus to get to a live person. They also purchased a Drone this year, to allow for before and after pictures (which helps a surprising amount).

I would refer anybody who needs roof work done, or even an inspection prior to upcoming rains, to contact AAA Roofing 10 times out of 10. They truly are a great company to work with, which I know I can trust and rely on to get things done in a timely fashion and get them done correctly.”

by Matthew R.

Excellent customer service and follow up

commercial roofing reviews

“My experience with AAA Roofing has been a very positive one. With roof leaks, it is not uncommon to send the roofer back out even after the repair is made. With AAA Roofing, they roofing crew is very thorough and the repairs are made properly; therefore, I have not yet had an occasion to send AAA Roofing back to address the same leak. I especially like the repair photos that are included with the invoices. This helps me in tracking the leaks and simplifies my job as a property manager.

Their response time is also impressive. Excellent customer service and follow up from the entire team. Gene, the owner, is also always available to help in any way that he can. It has been a pleasure working with AAA Roofing and I plan to continue using them for all my roof needs.”

by Mindy L.

Letters of Recommendations

You’re the best

“Good morning Gene,

Just a short note to let you know what a fine job AAA Roofing did for us. I was concerned about solar panels and a new roof being applied at the same time. Gene, your crew showed up on time, did a splendid job tearing off 86,000 feet of 26 year old roofing, installing new roof with new drains, side bars and sky lights. Then came the challenge of installing 986 solar panels with walk ways. All this was done within three weeks with no real problems. I am grateful we picked AAA Roofing as our prime vendor, your work ethic, friendly people and top quality made this project into one I would not hesitate to enter into again. You’re the best, many thanks again for a job well done.”

by Charlie Northcross, George B. Woodcock & CO.