(COLORADO, DENVER) May 9, 2017 – Founder of AAA Roofing, Gene Smith, is pleased to announce the company’s sponsorship at Colorado Youth Outdoors (CYO), an organization whose mission is to strengthen relationships between youth and their parents, teens and significant adults, youth with their peers and families with the amazing natural resources in Colorado. Gene Smith and his team supported the organization by attending The Maverick, a shooting event that stands for a cause many support.

“A Maverick is someone who takes an independent stand for something they believe in,” said Shayne Heckman, Event Coordinator at Colorado Youth Outdoors. “The title of this event represents the uniqueness and the very spirit of CYO’s mission. This is no ordinary shoot; the 2017 Maverick is a professionally designed sporting clay course exclusively for Maverick guests.”

Smith is an advocate of giving back and helping the youth. AAA Roofing and other supporters have helped CYO grow from a school-based evening program to a site based regional program in Northern Colorado serving multiple communities. AAA Roofing is a company that prides itself on charitable causes.