You wear many hats as a building owner or property manager. While you know a lot about building maintenance and repairs, you may not be an expert in commercial roofing. Allow RoofAdvantage 360 to take commercial roof maintenance and repair off your plate. We partner with leading roofing contractors nationwide to provide expert commercial roof service and maintenance – and emergency repairs.

What RoofAdvantage 360 Offers

Whether you own or manage one or hundreds of buildings, RoofAdvantage 360 will help you with all facets of your commercial or industrial roof. We work on all roof types – from EPDM to BUR systems.

Here’s how RoofAdvantage 360 can help you in California, Idaho, and eight other states nationwide.

Roof maintenance

Extend the life of your commercial roof with the RoofAdvantage 360 roof maintenance program. Our roofing experts will also help you improve compliance and roof safety and minimize disruptions caused by leaks.

Remember, your warranty may be dependent on professional maintenance! RoofAdvantage 360 will help you manage, optimize, and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

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Emergency repair service

How would it feel knowing that you have a professional commercial roofer on standby to take care of emergency repairs? RoofAdvantage 360 offers emergency repair services 24/7. We will stop the leaks quickly to minimize the damage to your roof and building contents. 

Roof repair and improvement

RoofAdvantage 360 can also be depended on for non-emergency roof repair. Our local partner will fix, upgrade, or improve failed or aging roof assets. Put off the expensive reroof project by utilizing one of our roof restoration systems.

Roof inspection

Maybe you don’t know the condition of your current roof and need a detailed report to help you plan for future capital expenditures. RoofAdvantage 360 will send a roof inspector to complete an advanced roof analysis using the latest tools. You’ll have access to the findings using our convenient online portals – making the information easy to share and manage. 

Schedule your consultation today to learn more about your immediate and long-term needs.

Let Us Help Protect Your Commercial Roof

AAA Roofing is proud to partner with RoofAdvantage 360 in California and Idaho. We are one of Western states’ leading commercial and industrial roofers – and have been for decades.

Do you want peace of mind knowing that industry experts monitor your roof asset? Learn more about RoofAdvantage 360 by downloading this helpful guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Professional roof maintenance and repairs extend the life of your commercial roof asset. 
  • RoofAdvantage 360 offers industrial roof maintenance and repairs throughout the nation.
  • AAA Roofing is proud to partner with RoofAdvantage 360.