AAA Roofing is the leading commercial and industrial roofing services company in the Western United States. Even though we have completed thousands of commercial roofing services jobs in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington, some business leaders who need our assistance delay contacting us.

Unfortunately, when business leaders think of roof services and roof main, they see dollar signs in their minds. They think of costly roof replacements instead of other commercial roof solutions that will extend the lifespan of their building’s roof.

While AAA Roofing is undoubtedly one of the most dependable commercial roofing companies in the USA for roof replacements, we also offer a complete roofing services list that can fix the current problems you are having on this most vital part of your building.

Preferred Roof Services Offered by AAA Roofing

When you contact AAA Roofing, our expert team will complete a thorough evaluation of your roof. We will provide you with a detailed report that includes photographs of your roof’s current condition. We will then offer commercial roof solutions to fix your issues.

Here are some of the industrial roofing services we offer for the following problems.


AAA Roofing can patch punctures with a new membrane by either heat welding or fully adhering the membrane with bonding adhesive.

Open Seams

Does your roof have open seams? This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete commercial roof replacement. Instead, these seams can be repaired by heat welding or by fully adhering membrane to patch the open seams.

Ponding Water

Ponding water can be a sign of trouble on an industrial roof, but it may be easily resolved. AAA Roofing will uncover the cause of the sitting water, which may include improper HVAC drainage or problems with the building’s gutters.

Clogged Drains

Speaking of gutter problems, debris may have infiltrated your drains, downspouts, and gutters, causing you to seek commercial roofing services. When you hire AAA Roofing for your industrial roof main needs, we will ensure your gutters are functioning as they should.

Bridging Walls

While some industrial roofing services may point to bridging walls as a sign that you need an entire roof replacement, AAA Roofing can simply fix this defect by cutting the base of the bridging wall and installing a new reinforced perimeter strip.

Fastener Backout

Over time, some of your roof’s fasteners may need to be removed entirely so the insulation and membrane can be checked for water damage. If there are signs of trouble, the problem can be repaired before re-installing the fasteners.

Declining Caulk

One of the most basic commercial roof solutions is to cut out old caulking and install new sealant. This can be done without causing harm to the roof’s membrane.


AAA Roofing can repair roof blisters by cutting out the area to relieve tension and then torching down a new modified cap sheet where the membrane was cut.

Commercial Roofing Services Will Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

If you are experiencing problems with the roof of your industrial building, don’t wait to contact AAA’s expert roofing contractors in Orange County, San Jose, and Riverside, CA. We offer a complete list of commercial roof solutions, and our crews are the best! Contact AAA Roofing at 833-467-6632.