We understand how intimidating it can be to understand your commercial roofing quote. Unless you are an experienced commercial property manager or owner of many commercial buildings, you may struggle to understand your options for roofing materials. And you may feel like flipping a coin to decide which bid offers the best value.

Here’s some advice on how to read your commercial roofing quote – and how to compare quotes from different commercial roofing contractors. We’re sure you understand that there’s more to it than looking at the “per square foot” cost.

Make sure you are comparing the same roofing materials.

Not all commercial roofing materials are made the same. While there are obvious differences between materials, such as TPO systems, metal roofs, and built-up roofing systems, there are also differences between the same types of materials. 

For example, TPO roofing comes in several thicknesses. And, of course, not all commercial roof system brands are the same. 

It’s vital that you look at the technical specs of each roofing material when comparing two or three commercial roofing estimates. Ask about product manufacturers and obtain product data from the source. Also, check which commercial roofing company has been factory-trained and certified by the manufacturer.

Understand what the commercial roof replacement cost includes.

You may receive two estimates that use the exact same metal roofing product that is priced differently. While the obvious inclination is to go with the cheaper bid, ensure you understand the details. 

For example, does the estimate include shipping the industrial roofing material to the job site? How is storage handled? Is the property owner/manager responsible for storing and securing the materials throughout the duration of the roofing project?

roofing materials

Compare roofing warranties.

Typically, there are two types of commercial roofing warranties.

The manufacturer’s limited warranties typically cover material defects. (It’s important to note that manufacturers will only cover defects in commercial roofing systems if the roofing contractor installed the system according to the company’s standards and methods.)

The contractor may also offer a shorter warranty on their labor. Sometimes, those warranties are an add-on, so understand these warranty options and requirements. (Some require regular professional maintenance.)

Pay attention to the project timeline.

Of course, weather delays can happen during any construction project. However, a contractor specializing in commercial roofs should provide a timeline for the project, considering the company’s available labor force.

Commercial roof replacements can be highly disruptive to tenants. Having a project timeline written into the contract may put your commercial building tenants at ease.

Seek the guidance of an expert in commercial flat roofs.

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Key Takeaways About Reading Your Commercial Roofing Quote

  • Make sure you know the specs of each roofing system or coating when comparing quotes.
  • Ensure your commercial roof costs include freight, storage, and disposal fees.
  • There are a lot of hiccups that can occur during replacement projects for flat or low-sloped roofs. Pay attention to the project timeline – especially when overseeing a large roofing project.