Are you a commercial building owner who wishes to learn more about commercial roof maintenance? We will tell you all you need to know in one sentence. Hire a professional roofing contractor and ask about a commercial roof maintenance plan.

Roof repairs and preventative maintenance, especially at the industrial level, must be completed by a commercial roofing expert.

Business owners who try to save money on routine maintenance may mistakenly assign this task to unqualified individuals. However, many potential issues that could have been avoided may surface from having an untrained person inspect your roof.

Here’s the process for commercial roofing maintenance:

1. Call your local industrial roofing company.

The first step of having your roof inspected is to call AAA Roofing, the leading commercial and industrial roofer in the Western states. Don’t wait for major storms to occur before scheduling inspections. After all, regular inspections will extend the life of your roof.

Let the scheduler know if you are in need of immediate repairs or wish to learn more about maintaining your roof.
Of course, if leaks are disrupting your business or harming your equipment, our priority is to identify the source of the leaks. After all, leaks are not only a nuisance but left unchecked, they can harm the safety and health of your employees and customers.

2. Schedule your routine roof inspection.

Once the emergencies are taken care of, we can schedule your roof inspection. Typically this is done at least two times a year (or more if there was a particularly rough winter season).

During the commercial roof inspection, the crews will walk the roof’s surface to remove any debris. They will also examine the surface membrane, looking for cracks, bubbles, punctures, or blisters. The crew will also inspect skylights, flashings, pipes, vents, and other areas that tend to leak.

Additionally, the crews will look for signs of ponding water on the surface, which may signify that the gutters and drains need attention. They will also pay close attention to areas where previous repairs were made.

3. Examine your repair plan.

Once the roof has been thoroughly examined, the roofing expert will develop a report, which will include photographs of areas that need repair and the approximate service life left on the current roof. You’ll be given approximate costs for installing a new roof or making the necessary repairs.

Have an expert inspect your commercial roof!

Protect your investment by having a quality roofing company determine the health of your roof. Professional routine inspections will save you money.

For more tips on maintaining the roof on your commercial building, contact AAA Roofing. We specialize in new construction, existing building re-roofs, tenant improvements, maintenance, and leak detection. We have been providing superior commercial roofing services in Boise, San Jose, and Riverside since we began in 1989 and will work to create a perfect roofing solution for your project.