(RIVERSIDE, CALIF.) June 5, 2017 – The AAA Roofing is taking initiative to increase the significance of roofs to Building Owners and Management Companies. The company will be stressing the value of hiring professional roofing contractors and promoting good deeds in the industry on social
media June 5-9.

The roof is one of the most important components of a structure, yet it is often taken for granted until it falls into despair. Organized by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), National Roofing Week enables roofing professionals to engage in their communities and inform the public about the essential role roofs and contractors play in every community.

During National Roofing Week, AAA Roofing will be posting the following activities:

  • Monday, June 5: Employee Appreciation – share photos of employees
  • Tuesday, June 6: Employee training – share photos demonstrating how employees are trained
  • Wednesday, June 7: Charitable projects – share photos that demonstrate charitable giving
  • Thursday, June 8: Signature projects – share photos of industrial roofing projects
  • Friday, June 9: Celebration – share photos showing how AAA celebrates national roofing week

“The AAA Roofing team is excited to celebrate by increasing awareness of the importance of roofing to our local communities and industries”, says Gene Smith, president of the company. “This is an opportunity to furthereducate our clients and communities in taking a proactive approach to managing roofing needs, resulting in longer roof system life cycles with overall lower long-term costs”.

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