As a business owner (or leader), you’re probably up to your eyeballs in work trying to oversee your company’s day-to-day operation. The last thing you want to do is complete a commercial roof inspection and analyze the subsequent report.

However, the way you take care of your commercial property can affect the operation of your company. As a part of taking care of your property, you need to have the roof regularly examined by a qualified inspector.

Let us help by walking you through the process of a commercial roof inspection. You can rest assured that when you turn to AAA Roofing, our commercial roof inspectors will provide you with quality service, as well as a thorough but easy-to-understand roof condition report.

Here’s what AAA Roofing will look for when completing a commercial roof inspection for your business property.

Overview of a Commercial Roofing Inspection

leaking commercial roof


At the bare minimum, your commercial roof should be free of leaks. After all, unchecked leaks can damage your costly equipment, furniture, and electronics. Of course, those leaks can also cause mold and mildew to grow inside your structure, which can harm your employees and customers (plus create a terrible smell).

A professional roof inspection will include a report of the overall condition of the roof, as well as the source of any leaks you may or may not have noticed. Of course, AAA Roofing will be able to fix the roof leaks, so you can rest easy knowing that your expensive equipment won’t get exposed to the elements.

commercial roof rust damage

Rust and Water Damage

You don’t need to be a roofing expert to know that a commercial roof inspector will examine your roof for leaks. But what you may not realize is that outside elements may have also caused rust and water damage to your roof. Spotting this rust and water damage requires high-tech tools and expertise in the field.

Not all roof inspection companies are the same. You must hire a company with employees dedicated to industrial roof inspection instead of one that only works with residential properties.

industrial roofing shingles

Seams and Shingles

It would be a mistake to wait for your roof to begin leaking before asking for a commercial roof inspector to evaluate your property. Your roof’s shingles or the seams between them significantly affect the quality of your roof. In fact, structural issues may occur because of a faulty seam.

Your roof condition report should include photographs of your shingles. Shingles that are beginning to crack and peel indicate that it’s time for repairs to be made or the roof replaced. Shingles that are ignored will continue to break, stiffen, and fall apart entirely after becoming brittle. By then, the roof may incur structural damage.

Time is of the essence. Ignoring the needs of your roof will lead to more costly repairs and replacements.

Core Sample Report

Your commercial roof inspection will also likely include a core sample report. For this report, a tiny chunk of the roof is removed for examination.

From this examination, the commercial roof inspector will evaluate what types of materials were used on the roof throughout the years, the number of layers on the roof, and its age. This report will help give you a timeline of when you should expect the roof to need replacement.

damaged roof gutter with water leaking


Properly functioning gutters are essential to the health of your roof. Roofs that don’t drain properly won’t last as long as those with proper drainage systems.

Your commercial roof inspection will include an analysis of your gutters. Besides looking for any punctures, the inspector will tell you whether or not the gutters need cleaning.

Roof Inspection Recommendations

Take a moment to look at the commercial roof inspection report sample on the AAA Roofing website. You will notice how the report includes aerial photographs of the roof, technical drawings including the roof’s pitch values, composition reports, as well as pages of detailed pictures.

The report will also include recommendations on what problems need to be addressed immediately and which ones can be put off for another day.

The AAA Roofing commercial roof inspection report also includes a detailed cost estimate of the work that needs to be completed.

AAA Roofing hires highly-trained commercial roofing experts who you can depend on to give you an honest, detailed report on the condition of your business’s roof. Call 833-467-6632 to schedule an inspection.