Riverside, Cali., March 19, 2024 – AAA Roofing is the leading installer of commercial roofing solutions in Southern California and is proud to announce its recent donation to Covenant House California, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving youth homeless with housing, supportive services, and opportunities for success in independence.

Recognizing the critical importance of community support, AAA Roofing has contributed to Covenant House California – Sleep Out. Sleep Out: A Global Movement to End Youth Homelessness are events hosted by Covenant House across North and Central America. Participants come together for a night of conversation, education, and reflection on the youth homelessness crisis. 

The donation from AAA Roofing will directly benefit Covenant House California’s programs and services, which provide youth with housing, healthcare, education, skill development, and more. By supporting Covenant House California, AAA Roofing is helping to create pathways to independence and stability for young individuals facing homelessness and exploitation.

Covenant house california - with AAA Roofing

“We are grateful to support Covenant House California in their vital mission to provide shelter and resources to young people in our community,” said Priscilla Arvizu, VP of Marketing at AAA Roofing. “At AAA Roofing, we believe in the power of giving back and investing in our community. We are proud to stand with Covenant House California in their efforts to empower young people and provide them with the support they need to build brighter futures and end homelessness.”

AAA Roofing’s donation to Covenant House California reflects its dedication to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By supporting organizations like Covenant House California, AAA Roofing is making a positive impact and inspiring others to join in the effort to end youth homelessness.

About AAA Roofing:

AAA Roofing is a trusted provider of roofing solutions in Southern California, Northern California, and Boise, Idaho specializing in commercial roofing services. With a focus on quality, innovation, exceptional customer service, and community engagement, AAA Roofing has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. Committed to giving back, AAA Roofing actively supports charitable organizations and community initiatives aimed at improving the lives of those in need.

About Covenant House California:

Covenant House California is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving homeless and trafficked youth with shelter, support, and opportunities for a brighter future. With shelters and service centers located throughout the state, Covenant House California provides a safe space for young people facing homelessness and exploitation, offering housing, healthcare, education, employment, and more. Through comprehensive programs and compassionate care, Covenant House California helps youth build the skills and resilience they need to overcome adversity and achieve independence.

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